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This is not a stick!!

Recently the children have been interested in playing with sticks. They will use the stick to enhance their role play; a stick can become anything the children imagine! The stick becomes many things; a wand, a sword, a horse, a unicorn brush and even a person. We have also used the sticks to make marks in mud or on the floor, becoming a fun mark making tool. We have also been using the sticks to create pictures. We’ve used them as a photo frame to enclose natural objects they find and used them to create pictures or arrangements.

Playing with sticks has so many benefits for the children. It helps them connect with the natural world, building an interest in it and learning to respect it. They use their imagination as the stick become different things and they take on roles in their play. This encourages them to play together as a group, listening to each other and giving their own ideas. It also promotes physical play as they hold the stick and move them around. If the stick is particularly large they will have to work together to problem solve and find away to move it.

A stick is never ‘just a stick’.

Katie Willcox

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