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Recently some of our team members have been on a training course for Storytelling and Fantasy Play. We have learned some great, new ideas from this which we have started to use with the children during both free play and focused learning times.

Every morning in Saplings 1 during register time, we all work together to create a story using the Story Map. The idea of a story map is to help children think off ideas and to help on their understanding on how stories are set out. The story map begins as one straight line and this is where our story begins, we encourage children to think of the characters and settings to have throughout our story. They often begin the story with “Once Upon A Time” and then start adding their ideas. Our line then begins to head down meaning that something bad happens or something will happen that makes the characters feel sad. As a group we think off ideas for our story for why they could be feeling sad or for what has gone wrong. The line then begins to head back up, meaning that something happy happens in the story. We end the story on a straight line again and finish the story up.

This is a great way for children to get creative with storytelling and bring their ideas into a group, using team work to create amazing stories!

Maddi Brown


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