Our healthy meals are cooked by Janet, Melanie and Angela, the nursery chefs.

All food is made freshly on site where possible, using fresh foods, fruit and vegetables. The meat we use in the nursery is provided by Butcher of Brogdale Food Hall who are based in Canterbury, Kent.

If your child has a dietary or cultural food requirement then we will discuss this with you together with the nursery chef so that we can plan suitable alternatives.



Wednesday's Menu (20/3/2019

  • Breakfast is...  Cereal, porridge and blueberries
  • Lunch is..  Cod with tomato and mascarpone sauce with cous cous and cauliflower followed by wholemeal apple crumble and custard
  • Tea is... Green pea falafel with tahini dip, pitta bread and carrot sticks followed by pineapple and raisin

Thursday's Menu (21/3/19

  • Breakfast is...   Cereal, Toast and clementines
  • Lunch is..  Roast pork with roast potatoes and sprouts followed by semolina and blackberry compote
  • Tea is...  Baked beans and cheesy garlic bread followed by bananas

The Early Years Nutrition Partnership
The EYN Partnership is committed to improving nutrition standards for children in the early years. Nutrition, during this critical period impacts children’s healthy growth, development and long-term outcomes. 

Little Grace's

Wednesday's Menu (20/3/2019) 


  • Breakfast is...   Cereal, porridge and sultanas with toast
  • Lunch is..   chicken and sweet potato curry with naan bread and peas followed by peaches and custard 
  • Tea is...    Scrambled egg, bagels and cherry tomatoes followed by a fruit platter

Thursday's Menu (21/3/19

  • Breakfast is...   Cereal, muffins and satsumas 
  • Lunch is..  Cod in a tomato and mascarpone sauce with wholemeal cous cous and cauliflower followed by baked apples and creme fraiche
  • Tea is...  Pate, crusty bread, chutney and cucumber followed by pineapple

"Our son has always loved his food and we are quite jealous of the menu that he is enjoying at nursery!"

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