Our healthy meals are cooked by Janet, Melanie and Angela, the nursery chefs.

All food is made freshly on site where possible, using fresh foods, fruit and vegetables. The meat we use in the nursery is provided by Butcher of Brogdale Food Hall who are based in Canterbury, Kent.

If your child has a dietary or cultural food requirement then we will discuss this with you together with the nursery chef so that we can plan suitable alternatives.



Wednesday's Menu  (18/9/19

  • Breakfast is...   Cereal, Pears
  • Lunch is..  Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding, Roast Potatoes and Cauliflower. followed by Mini Milk. 
  • Tea is... Chicken, Cheese and Salad Wraps, followed by Oranges.  

Thursday's Menu (19/9/19

  • Breakfast is...   Cereal, Overnight Porridge and Dates. 
  • Lunch is..  Indian Sweet Potato and Dhal Pie, with Broccoli. Followed by Pears and Chocolate Custard. 
  • Tea is... Sardine in Tomato Sauce, Cream Cheese and sandwiches and Crudities. Followed by Peaches. 

The Early Years Nutrition Partnership
The EYN Partnership is committed to improving nutrition standards for children in the early years. Nutrition, during this critical period impacts children’s healthy growth, development and long-term outcomes. 

Little Grace's

Wednesday's Menu (18/9/19) 


  • Breakfast is..    Cereal, porridge and Pears
  • Lunch is..  Roast Chicken, Roast Potatoes and Cauliflower. followed by Apple Sponge and Creme Fraise. 
  • Tea is... Carrot soup with bread. followed by banana and lemon fromage frais. 

Thursday's Menu (19/9/19

  • Breakfast is..   Cereal, Bagels and Grapes
  • Lunch is.. Indian Sweet Potato Dhal Pie with Broccoli. followed by Pears and Chocolate custard. 
  • Tea is...  Sardine and Cream cheese Sandwiches on wholemeal bread, followed by Raspberries and Peaches. 

"Our son has always loved his food and we are quite jealous of the menu that he is enjoying at nursery!"

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