Looking after the planet


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It goes without saying that our children are the future.

We feel that it is important that they learn at an early age that they need to look after our planet a lot better than previous generations, including ourselves, have done.

Therefore, we create an environment where the importance of sustainability is nurtured and encouraged. Whether that be through activities at our Forest School and learning about the importance of nature, recycling in the nurseries, engaging with the wider community or helping the vegetables to grow in the vegetable gardens!

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Planet Mark.

As an organisation we are continually looking at ways to be ‘greener’ and to lessen our carbon footprint and that is why we have signed up to Planet Mark.

Planet Mark requires us to measure and reduce our annual carbon emissions by a minimum of 2.5% every year. This process helps us to understand and optimise the carbon associated with our energy, travel, water, waste, and procurement. 

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The Green Team.

Each year the new carbon footprint becomes the next year’s baseline, driving continuous improvement and helping generate outstanding results.

Delivered through an employee-led approach which is driven by our very own ‘Green Team’, the programme helps unlock the passion in our business and helps to build a culture of sustainability from within.

Also, one acre of Cool Earth rainforest is protected in Grace’s name every year – that really is great!

Forest School

The natural environment and hands-on learning

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Our values

What is important to us at Grace’s?

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