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Healthy eating as well as teaching our children about food and its provenance are all incredibly important to us.

That is why we signed up to the Early Years Nutrition Partnership, who our great team of nursery chefs work closely with, to ensure that we are offering the very best fresh food to all of our children.

If your child has a dietary or cultural food requirement then we will discuss this with you together with the nursery chef, so that we can plan suitable alternatives.

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The Early Years Nutrition Partnership.

The Early Years Nutrition Partnership (EYN Partnership) is an independent social enterprise created as a Community Interest Company. It has been created in partnership with the Early Years Alliance, the British Nutrition Foundation and Danone Early Life Nutrition. The aim of it is to improve the future health outcomes of young children by setting a standard for nutrition practice in Early Years Settings.

Both Grace’s Ruxley and Nursery House have been fully accredited with the EYNP at the advanced level.

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Freshly made everyday.

All of our meals have always been freshly made at each setting, using fresh foods, fruit and vegetables. However, we feel that the EYNP helps us to further improve the meals that we provide to our children and has also given us the tools to enable the children to have a better understanding of what healthy eating is.

Grow your own at Nursery

Growing our own food.

We also like to show the children where the food comes from and so our nurseries have their own vegetable beds and encourage the children to be involved with the whole process from sowing the seeds, to helping the vegetables to grow, to picking them and giving them to the kitchen, to finally eating them!

In fact each year we have the hotly contested ‘Golden Carrot’ competition. This is a growing competition that is judged by the directors and is taken very seriously! It involves seeing how many different types of fruit and vegetables have been grown from seed, how successfully and what actually ends up going into the kitchen. However, the most important criteria is showing evidence of the children’s involvement throughout the process.

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