Life at Grace's

The people are what makes Grace’s such an amazing place to work.

We recognise that the success of the nurseries comes from the unique set of skills that each and every person has to offer. We pride ourselves on being a fun place to work where we grow our team into future leaders and are always striving to be better!

At Grace’s you will find opportunities to grow, learn and develop every day no matter what your goals are. In return for the dedication and hard work we offer a range of training, coaching and mentoring both internally and externally. We will help you achieve your ambitions!

Our strong set of values provide the framework for everything we do at Grace's and are at the heart of decision making. We believe that everyone should feel part of the Grace's family, in an environment that is happy, fun and nurturing for all!

We embrace and encourage individuality and everyone who is part of our family makes a difference to Grace's.

World Book Day Fun!

Rewards & Benefits

We believe that people should be rewarded for their efforts and high performance.  We encourage everyone to offer their contributions and provide a generous benefits package:

  • Parent’s evenings, Forum Meetings, Staff Meetings to be paid at normal hourly rate.
  • 3 funded Social Events a year; Staff BBQ, Quiz night and Christmas party
  • 15% Discount at RMGC for first year of employment
  • 25% Discount at RMGC after completion of first year’s employment
  • Bonuses for 100% attendance
  • Pay enhancements for extra responsibilities
  • Discounted childcare place
  • Annual free Ice-skating session
  • Ongoing support for individual training
  • Great pastoral care
  • Rigorous induction procedure.
  • Fun, family feel environment.
  • Get involved in a range of activities and experiences including visits to the Grotto, China town, the beach etc.

Little Blooms Room

Grace's Well-Being Scheme

We value the well-being of our team and helping you take steps to improve your health is a priority. 

We provide fresh fruit for your benefit each week. We know that a healthy breakfast provides the fuel you will need for a hard days work and so arrive at work a little earlier to ensure you take advantage of the variety of breakfast foods on offer. 

The idea that employers have a role to play in this respect is still a relatively new concept but we truly believe it is our duty!

Available Positions Within The Grace's Family

To find out how you can become a part of the Grace's Family, have a look at our Current Positions here.

"I love Graces and believe that you have and continue being such a loving and caring team that has, without doubt, been such an important part of our daughter’s life, learning and development..."

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It Could Be You!

"Grace's is a lovely place to work, the craziness of our room, with our resident DJ/choir singer Hazel A, (HA to her friends), who sings nursery rhymes like she is auditioning for the X factor, really puts my monotone singing to shame. To the cuteness of Karolina an eye for detail, and Bonnie well what can I say 100 percent fruit loop but a fun lady indeed!  To work at Graces singing and dancing is a must! 

However, whilst Michelle and Zoe sit in their office typing away and hardening up their fingers I am somewhat in awe of these two nutters, (3 peaks challenge who does this!), and I love them to bits, they make coming in to work fun!!!!”

-Nikki Selvey, Room Leader of Little Blooms 2

“Since working at Graces Day nursery I have been given so many opportunities such as becoming an equal opportunity coordinator, which is helping me learn and grow as a child care practitioner.

 I have been welcomed into the family by everyone who works at Grace's and it is clear to see how passionate about childcare everyone is. We never have a dull day and it is always fun and exciting, for not only the children but the team also. If we don’t have Chelsea creating some kind of messy play, which often leads to the children covered in paint, flour, water etc, then we have Claire singing away and dancing to Disney songs! Stacey offers a huge support as our Lead Practitioner and always makes sure that everyone is in a happy environment and feels valued as a team. Management  show a huge support to all team members and I am honoured to have become part of the Graces Day Nursery family.”

-Mary Hora, Practitioner in Little Buds 1

3 Peaks Challenge

"I really enjoy working at Grace’s.  We are given the opportunity to work to the best of our ability and encouraged and given the opportunity to increase our skills.  We are given positive feedback on our performance, help and support to work on the areas we need to improve.  The management are always looking at ways we can improve the nursery and our quality of care rather than just becoming complacent at our outstanding rating. 

I feel the opportunity we give the children in their start in life is amazing!"

-Katie Willcox, Room Leader of Saplings 1

"I really enjoy working at Grace's as you become a part of a team and a part of Grace's itself. Working closely with the team, children and parents is a great feeling; also seeing the children grow whilst in our care and having happy families makes everything worthwhile!

The environment that Grace's is set in also makes it a great place to work; visiting the garden centre with the children is fun for both the practitioners and the children as there is always something new to see."

-Stacey Wilson, Room Leader of Little Buds 1