• What are your opening times?

We are open 7.00am to 7.00pm Monday –Friday for 52 weeks of the year. We are closed for bank holidays and for 2 team training days a year. We close early on Christmas eve and New Years eve.

  • I want my child to come to nursery for one day a week; would that be possible?      

We do have a minimum session policy which would mean you child would need to attend for at least 4 sessions a week. One session is equivalent to half a day. In our experience children settle much better than when they only come once a week or for two half days.

  • What will happen at my settling sessions?

When your child first starts we will do a home visit and require children to attend for a minimum of 3 settling in sessions. This is an opportunity for you and your child to get to know your key person, as well as the other team members and children based in the room. This will also give you the opportunity to leave your child for short periods of time before building up to a full day.

  • Can I use childcare vouchers?

You can indeed. We accept all childcare vouchers as payment of fees and ask you to set this us so that they are paid in around the beginning of the month. We are unable to refund these due to tax purposes so you will need to make sure you do not make overpayments with them.

  • How do I pay my fees?

Fees are payable by direct debit on a monthly basis.

  • Do you offer the Early Years Funded Entitlement for 30 hours a term?

Yes we do.  Every child can claim for 15 free hours a week for 38 weeks of the year, the term following their third birthday.  You will need to apply through HMRC to see if you are eligible for the additional 15 free hours.  Please speak to one of our Nursery Managers for more information.

  • Will my child go outside in the rain?

We take children out in all weathers unless we deem it to be too much of a risk. There are many learning opportunities which present themselves through the change in weather and normally unlike us adults the children love being outside in the rain!

  • What do I need to bring to nursery each day?

We suggest that you bring in a small rucksack with a few changes of clothes in for your child. It would be great if you could leave some wellies at the nursery and provide an all-in-one suit for them to wear when in the garden.

  • Do you cook your own food?

Yes, our healthy meals are cooked by Janet, Melanie and Angela, the nursery chefs. All food is made freshly on site where possible, using fresh foods, fruit and vegetables. The meat we use in the nursery is provided by Butcher of Brogdale Food Hall who are based in Canterbury. If your child has a dietary or cultural food requirement then we will discuss this with you together with the nursery chef so that we can plan suitable alternatives.
Our menu changes daily.  To see what we are preparing today and tomorrow, take a look here. 

  • Will my child go on outings?

Outings and visits to the local area are part of nursery life. As the children progress throughout the nursery the outings become further and further from nursery, including trips to the beach, a farm and London.

  • What happens if I am late to collect my child?

In the event that you do not collect your child from the nursery, and no contact has been made to inform us of alternative arrangements for collection, every attempt will be made to contact you. If we are unsuccessful we will then contact the people listed in your child’s emergency contacts. The nursery will remain open until the child is collected. There will be an additional charge for late collection.

  • Do you charge for bank holidays?

We are open 52 weeks of the year, only closing for bank holidays and two team training days. Bank holidays and early closure for Christmas and New Year are charged as normal with your monthly fees.

  • Who are Ofsted and what do they do?

The Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED) is the governing body who set the standards of care and education for all children’s day care settings including schools and nurseries. Our most recent Ofsted report awarded us an OUTSTANDING grading

"We would highly recommend Grace's as a caring, nurturing and enjoyable place for a child to develop; it forms a good foundation which will make the transition to school much smoother when the time comes..."

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For more information, you can either phone Grace's Nursery on 020 8300 7460 or use our online contact form.