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Autumn trips.......


Saplings 1 and Saplings 2 trip to Asda food bank and Christ Church.


For Harvest Festival we did a collection at the nursery. Before we collected the donations we spoke to the children about what Harvest Festival is about and gave them the choice of taking the donations on a bus to the church or to a food bank at a supermarket. We used voting blocks for the children to make their decisions. Saplings 1 chose to go to the supermarket and Saplings 2 chose the church. We picked names out of the hat to decide which children would go on the trip.


The children got so much out of this activity, they get to experience being in a different environment to nursery and learn how to adapt to this. They will meet members of the public and have to interact with them such as the priest at the church or the bus driver. They have to learn about safety in the outdoor environment like crossing the road and making sure they are staying close to an their adult. In the supermarket trip the got to handle money and operate the self service check outs. Activities like this are amazing for developing their self confidence and self awareness skills.


Church Trip


We had 4 very excited children on Tuesday morning, asking repeatedly if it was time to go on the bus and if could they get their back packs ready! After some breadsticks and banana, the children filled their bags with donations and listened to Katie talk about holding our adults hands whilst travelling to and from the church. We waited a long time at the bus stop and talked about all the cars we could see; one child pointed out some horse in a nearby field. The children spent the whole bus journey chatting and singing, asking lots and lots of questions!


The children were amazed by the windows and chandelier in the church! One child said it looked like a light from "Elsa's ice castle." We listened to a lady called Sue talk to us about where the harvest food would go and how it helps others. We sang a wheels on the bus and twinkle twinkle little star to Sue to say thank you. The children seemed to really enjoying walking back to the bus stop along the road, pointing out different shops and vehicles in a petrol station. On the bus journey back, some of the children fell asleep after such an exciting trip!


Asda Trip


The morning of the trip the children were super excited, Harry even wore his special shirt for the occasion! We gave them a short safety talk on how they must keep hold of their adults hand and stay close to us. The children put on their high-vis jackets and we gave them each a card with the nursery number on it to give to someone if they get lost.  We discussed with the children how the food will be going to people who don't have much money to buy food or people who find it hard to get out of the house to get o the shops.

We loaded up our backpacks and got the 223 bus to Swanley. We got off the bus and took a short walk to the supermarket. Once inside the children chose a tin of food each and we went to the self check out tills, scanned our food and paid for it.  We then took our newly brought food and the food in our backpacks to the food bank where we put it all in the trolley and then got the bus back to nursery.


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