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Tree climbing!

Saplings 2 love playing and exploring in the outdoor areas and recently, they have taken a keen interest in exploring the log area and having a go at climbing the tree.

Some of the children asked me whether they could go into the log area. We only allow 4 children at a time, so the children took turns; so that they all got an opportunity to go in. There is always an adult in this area to support the children in finding their own ways to overcome challenges.

For some children, this tree is a big challenge, taking risks and problem solving, finding ways to get in and out of the tree. The children are always willing to cheer their friends on, shouting “You can do it!” and “well done!”

One child said that “this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done!” But to see their confidence grow is always a lovely thing to see.

By climbing the logs and into the tree, it really helps the children to develop the children’s gross motor skills and self confidence. The children work together to help their friends who are finding it more difficult which helps to build and develop friendships. 

Sian Walding

climbing 3.jpgclimbing 2.jpgclimbing 1.jpg

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