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The Dragon and the Princess

On the 2nd of March, we celebrated World Book Day. All the children and team came in dressed up as their favourite character from a book; we had lots of different costumes worn on the day such as a hungry caterpillar, Peter Pan, Goldilocks and Belle. We had lot of activities planned for the day that revolved around books. One activity that we did was something we refer to as a 'helicopter story'. It is called this because we go around the circle with each child deciding the next line of the story. For this activity once the children had said their line they then illustrated it. I then wrote their line underneath and laminated it then put it together to make a book for the book corner. The children loved seeing their book in ‘print’, looking through it and have showed all their parents what they have made. This is the story the children made up………


The Dragon and the Princess


(Morgan) Once upon a time there was a little princess and the dragon came along and burned her house down. (Emily) A prince came along and the dragon bitted the prince. (Aimee) The dragon eat the prince and princess cause he was starving and wanted to eat something so he eat them. The castle camed out of the dragon's tummy. (Jessie) He didn't go in the sun, he went in the mud because he ate the ladybirds. (Katie) The dragon burned down the tree and fell into the hole. (Morgan) The dragon splurt out the prince and princess with some magic and they all have a ball and sit down to eat together.


The End.


Helicopter stories cover lots of the EYFS areas of Learning and Development and also the Characteristics Of Effective Learning. They promote literacy skills in understanding how stories are structured, that they have a beginning, middle and an end, being able to describe settings and characters. They promote their imaginative skills with introducing a narrative, developing their language and speaking skills.  They promote PSE skills with turn taking and working as a team listening to what each other have to say. It makes them proud of their accomplishments and what they have achieved. While telling the story, they are thinking of ideas to take the story on its path. They promote high levels of fascination and engagement creating confidence and promotes active learning as the children are ‘in-charge’ of the activity. Helicopter stories really let the children’s imaginations fly!

Katie Willcox

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