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Emergency calls!

For a circle time activity we role played making 999 phone call with the children. To begin, we talk about why we would need to call an ambulance, the police or a fire engine and what number we would need. We then role played with the children making a call. The children have to pick up the phone (not working) and press 9 three times. Here is a transcript of one of the conversations;

"Hello emergency services how can I help you?"

"My mummy has fallen down a hole"

"Okay. What is your name"


"Is mummy hurt Isla, can she talk?"

“She isn't hurt, she is talking to me. I need a fire engine"

"Where are you Isla?"

"I'm at home"

"Is anybody else with you Isla?"

"No, just mummy in the hole"

"Okay. Where is your home?

"In (names town she lives in)"

"Do you know the name of your road?"

“(names her road)"

"Do you know what number?"


"Okay Isla, I'm going to send a fire engine and stay on the phone with you until we get there. Is that okay?"

"Yes, okay."


The scenarios change for each child, some children have a fire happening others are stuck in the park or lost in the woods. This activity does so much for the children it promotes; conversation skill such as asking or answering questions and taking turns to speak, listening to what the other person has to say. It also gets them comfortable with using the telephone. It promotes self care, taking care of themselves and others. It gives them an understanding of people’s jobs and how they may help us. It promote there thinking skills and imagination with them taking a role in their play.

Katie Willcox, Saplings 1


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