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Harvest Festival

Saplings One and Two have been celebrating Harvest Festival throughout October.

The team implemented a range of Harvest and Autumn focused activities into the planning each day, covering all the areas of the EYFS Curriculum.

The children helped to make a scarecrow for our Harvest Donations basket in the entrance hall. We spoke to the children about harvesting foods and how donating food helps others who may be hungry and not have any food. We also discussed giving our spare clothes, food and toys to charities. In the next few weeks, we are going to be organising a trip with some of the Saplings children to give the donations to people in the local community. This links to our new Grace’s Cultural Capital, where we focus on helping the children to be aware of wider issues in the world and the importance of giving back to society.

We have also been looking at different harvesting vehicles. The children use a range of construction resources to make their own vehicles and roll them over flour and grains in the messy trays. The children watched clips of how Combine Harvesters work and how wheat is made into grain and then used to make bread, pasta, rice and crackers.  

We spoke to the children about all the different foods that can be harvested and what food groups they belong to. We have been really focusing on healthy eating and how different foods help our body to grow, recover and give us energy. The children helped to cut up some of the foods that were in their lunches and seemed to really enjoy podding the peas! (A few may have ended up flying across the room!)

 The children in Saplings One made Hay Barrel cakes out of Shredded Wheat, marshmallow and Rice Krispies. The children helped to break the Shredded Wheat into smaller pieces to look like hay. They then covered them in melted marshmallows and placed the Rice Krispies in the middle of the hay barrel.

The children used natural resources to make Autumn pictures using leaves, grains, twigs, bark and straw. This was a great opportunity for the children to explore different textures and ask questions about the natural world. Some of the children were really interested in our own home-grown foods and natural materials from our vegetable patch. The children helped to harvest them and take some of the foods homes to cook with their families. We also used some of our parsnips and carrots for painting and printing.

Sam Harris

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