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The importance of ‘Good Morning time’ in Saplings

‘Good morning time’ is the first part of our routine in Saplings. This is considered one of the most important parts of our routine as it allows the children as a group to be welcomed into the day. During this time we sit in a circle in order that the children can see all of their friends. We then sing The Good morning songs together. Whilst singing this, the children also use the makaton sign for ‘Good Morning’. This allows the children to welcome all children into nursery and encourages everyone to feel comfortable in their surroundings. After this the team member leading Good morning time will tell the children who the tidy up star and the problem solver for the day is. Letting all of the children know who the tidy up star is gives an opportunity for the children to celebrate each other’s successes and motivates them to succeed to. Doing the same with the problem solver encourages the children throughout the day to ask this friend for help if they need it.

There are two additional parts to Good Morning time as well as our initial greeting of each other. These are the days of the week and the letter of the week.

 It is important to talk about the days of the week with the children as this gives the children an introduction to time and improves their understanding of this. To further encourage this we also have three days of the week songs which the children seem to particularly enjoy taking turns in choosing. Having songs such as these is a good tool for encouraging children to remember the seven days.

Every week we have a letter of the week. During good morning time, we will talk about this letter and the sound it makes and work together to think of different words that begin with this letter and sound. Doing this introduces the Saplings children into understanding the concept of initial letters and sounds, and gets them thinking of what kind of things start with these.

Sian Walding

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