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The Ladybirds and the Oggel Boggle Monster

Every day we carry out guided learning times with the children which are an adult led activitity with groups of six to eight children and last for around ten to fifteen minutes. This gives us a chance to work on different skills with the children such as maths or literacy. We like to make them fun and exciting for the children as we feel they learn better this way. One maths game we play with them is ‘The Oggel Boggle Monster,’ We use puppets we have made of the King, Queen and Oggel Boggle monster to use as props when we tell the story.

This is the story of the Oggle Boggle Monster;

‘Once upon a time there was a Queen ladybird and a King ladybird. They loved each other so much because they both had five spots. Added together this made ten spots and ten was their favourite number. Now in the kingdom lived an Oggel Boggle who loved to eat ladybirds for his tea but, he was afraid of the number ten so, as long as the King, Queen and ladybirds who lived in the kingdom stayed together to make the number ten the Oggel Boggle monster would leave them alone’.

We place lots of ladybirds on the table with a different number of spots on them. The children are then asked to look and count the spots on the ladybirds and find two ladybirds that make the number ten when added together. They then connect them together with a treasury tag. This means the ladybirds will stay safe from the Oggle Boggle monster. 

This benefits the children in lots of ways;

  • Developing their counting Skills.
  • Learning that numbers represent different things.
  • Grouping the spots together to make a required amount.
  • Understanding the value of numbers
  • Introduction to addition and subtraction.
  • Understanding that numbers have a significance
  • Solving maths problems.
  • Challenging them.
  • Checking and reviewing their work.
  • Problem solving.
  • Making predictions.
  • Using fine motor movements which help with developing their pre writing skills.

Katie Willcox

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