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The children have recently had a few extra friends joining them in Saplings 2. Due to the (slightly) warmer weather, we have been visited by a few ladybirds. The children have been SO excited to hold them and wanted to care for them.

Some of the children noticed the ladybirds didn't have a home or anything to eat! We found a box in our junk modelling pile and began filling it with bark, grass, leaves and figs. We didn't know what ladybirds ate so we looked online at some videos of ladybird hotels and how to care for them.

After researching ladybirds, the children were amazed that they ate mushrooms just like we do! The children went on a hunt to try and find some mushrooms and went to the kitchen to ask Janet and Angela.  Janet told the children she had used them all for tea today! One child said "can't you just get some more from the shops." After a quick dash to the garden centre, we cut up some mushrooms and placed them in the box.

We drew some pictures of ladybirds to stick onto the box. The children noticed we didn't have a lot of red pencils but after looking closely at the ladybirds we soon realised some of them were black with orange spots too. We used the magnifying glasses to look at the bugs closely, looking at their eyes and little legs. One child said "their wings are under the spots and then they fly really high."

Caring for the ladybirds has helped the children understand how we care for insects and creatures, holding them carefully and making sure they are safe and understanding that they won't hurt us. The children are currently telling every person who comes into Saplings 2 about what they have done and how we look after the ladybirds. Please come and visit us so we can show you to!

Sam Harris


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