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Turning phonics into a game!

We have been looking at different ways to  learn letters.  As the children have a strong interest in superheroes and characters from their favourite films and tv shows I made a game for them using these. I spoke to a few of the children first for ideas of who they wanted in the game. The rules of the game are; you roll the dice and move your counter on, if you land on a letter you have to make it's phonic sound and if you land on a character you follow the instruction underneath. We have made quite a few  of these games so we are incorporating all the letters of the alphabet across the set.

I observed the children playing this game, they were taking turns and discussing with each other whose turn it was next, they were also helping each other out if one of them struggled when they landed on a letter they were unsure of. The children played this without needing interaction from an adult (apart from to read the action). They showed such amazing social skills!  We have been having lots of fun melting like Olaf, shooting webs like Spiderman, marching like a soldier, dancing like Sofia and many more alongside developing our phonics.

 I have also made ones with simple words on them for the children that are developing their phonic knowledge and looking for the next challenge of blending letter sounds together.

Katie Willcox


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