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People Who Help Us Week

For the week 16th-20th January we celebrated 'People Who Help Us Week'. We had many activities planned throughout the nursery. We had home corners set up as police stations, train stations, shops, hair dressers and fire stations. We carried out many different activities such as matching tools to the job, people who help us lotto, number cards with different vehicles on of people who help us.  We also had two trips to the local fire station planned with a small group of children from Saplings. We took the bus to Sidcup and a short walk to the station. Once we arrived the fire man took us into the control room and showed us what will happen if they get called out on a job. We then got to explore the fire engine by sitting inside and learning all about the tools they keep inside it and what they do. The children even got to spray some water from the hose and listen to the sirens! We had lots of parents get involved and come to the nursery to talk about their jobs we had paramedic Dave who showed the children lots of bandages, a special breathing mask and showed us a foil blanket that when he opened up was really big and keeps you very warm. Lisa the vet came along with the dog Brewster. Lisa showed the children pictures of some of the animals she helps make better and showed us the special clothes she has to wear when doing an operation. She also told us what to do if a dog runs up to you and how you have to stand like a tree and if they knock you over you have to roll up like a stone which we all practiced doing. We then all got to have a cuddle and stroke of Brewster who loves to get his belly rubbed! Doctor Helen came in with Poorly Bear and she showed how she makes him better when he is unwell. She showed us her medical equipment such as her stethoscope, ear scope and a thermometer. PC Norman and PC Jamie brought their police car along and the children spent lots of time exploring it by sitting in the front and the back. They turned the sirens and flashing lights on for us too. The fire men came to visit us at nursery and brought their fire engine and we all got to climb inside, look at the tools they use, spray the hose and listen to the sirens.

We asked our visitors lots of questions about their jobs and were very interested in listening to what they do. We were very grateful that we had so many people give up their time to come and see us.

This week really builds on the children confidence with them interacting with different people who they may not always be familiar with. It helps with their understanding of the roles people may have and why they are important. It offers so much role play for the children to get involved with, really building on their social and imaginative skills.

This week really helps us build our partnership with parents by inviting them into to nursery to speak to the children and involving them in our day.


Katie Willcox

people who help us weekpeople who help us weekpeople who help us week

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