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People who help us.

The children in Saplings have been looking at people who help us.  During the week the children had a visit from Paramedic Dave.  He brought them lots of different resources, demonstrating how he would use the equipment on his patients. He also explained to the children that, when the paramedics came to their home, they were there to help them and that they should not be scared.

The children had a visit from the fire fighters and some of the children went to the fire station. They had the opportunity to climb into the fire engine, try on the fire fighter’s hat and look at some of the equipment they would use when called out to a fire. One of the fire fighters dressed in the full outfit with the oxygen tank on her back, showing the children how it would work. The children had the opportunity to hold a Thermo Scanner which is used to see people when the fire and smoke are too thick.

The children have also taken part in lots of activities at nursery which are based on jobs. For example, cleaning teeth using tooth paste and a tooth brushes in the messy tray when studying dentists and a game of “Match the job to the equipment they use” e.g. doctor to a stethoscope.  The children also used the dressing up clothes to dress up as doctors, nurses, astronauts, hair dressers, police officers and fire fighters.

The children were very excited and engaged during all the visits, asking lots of questions. They also showed great interest when playing the games and learning about the different people that help us every day. These activities build on the children’s confidence, communication skills, knowledge of the world and imaginative play skills. 

Sammie Brooks

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