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Recycling and Sustainability

In the news and politics, concern over the environment is often preceded by many other issues. One way to change that is for businesses and communities to put the environment at the forefront of their values.

At Grace’s we are prioritising sustainability in our new curriculum. We are teaching the children about recycling and reusing materials during their free play and in games at circle and guided learning times. These games give children a chance to learn which waste products can be recycled and which can’t. We have recycling bins in all our rooms where the children can actively contribute to helping recycle materials. The children can get involved in junk modelling where old boxes and plastic tubs can be turned into robots or castles! We have new books such as ‘The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle: A Story about Recycling’.

We no longer use plastic cups for water as the children use nursery bottles which are washed at the end of the day and this considerably reduces our single use plastic waste. We are stopping the use of glitter which creates lots of micro-plastic waste that easily ends up being swallowed by marine animals and balloons which contribute to plastic waste as well. We are looking to install tap restrictors in our children’s bathrooms to limit the amount of water that can be wasted when children wash their hands or leave a tap on.

We hope that parents can help Grace’s with our efforts to become more sustainable. Always remind your children to recycle whenever possible. Instead of throwing away toys consider donating them to us or someone you know so that they don’t end up on a tip. Finally think about how an object can be given a new life by letting your children use it for craft.  

Craig James

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