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Saplings 1's Doll’s House Transformation

 Our doll’s house needed to be decorated as the wallpaper had started to peel away and it had begun to look a little untidy. We decided that painting the walls instead of using wallpaper would be more appropriate this time around; this would give a smoother, brighter effect. We hoped that the children would want to play with the doll’s house more now that it had vibrant colours; this hopefully will enhance the their imaginative skills. 

 To start the whole process off, we asked the children what colours they wanted the paint of the walls to be. They chose light blue, light pink and a dark purple colour. We also decided on an oak coloured paint for the floor and grey paint for the edges and border of the house. The second stage was to scrape away all the old wallpaper away. Once this was done, each floor was painted a different colour, twice. The house was then varnished to help it last longer. The house took a couple of days to complete from start to finish. The children were fascinated about the whole process and asked lots of questions throughout. It brought lots of discussions about how and why the doll’s house was being decorated. 

 The doll’s house, now complete, has bought lots of excitement for the children. It has been noticed that they play with the doll’s house a lot more and this gives them lots of imaginative play. Lots of communication skills and relationship building has been taking place. The impact of redecorating this doll’s house has benefited lots of the children's social skills and hopefully it will continue to give them many happy hours of imaginative play. 

 Natalie Childs


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