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Team work

For a circle time I gave the children one chopstick each and put some food on a plate in the middle of the circle. I told the children that their challenge was to pick up the food using ONLY the chopsticks. The children struggle along for a little while trying to pick it up using their chopstick. I asked them if they would like me to show them how to do it, they all agreed that they would like me to show them. I asked one of the children if I could borrow a chopstick and then used it with my own to pick up the food. I then gave the chopstick back and asked them to try again. We repeated this cycle a few more times before one of the children asked a friend to use their chopstick and then used it with their own to pick up the food (they did this by having a chopstick in each hand and picking it up like a clamp). The rest of the children then followed and began to ask their friends to borrow their chopstick. After this activity we discussed team work and how sometime you need to ask for help or work together to get a job done.

This activity really gets their brains working on their thinking skills and problem solving skills. It promotes their personal, social and emotional skills, learning to ask for help and work together.

Katie Willcox

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